About English Sport Camp

English Sport Camp is a unique Summer Camp that empowers children from 6-12 years to grow and develop as they build new skills and interests in a variety of water sports, tennis, athletics, and languages. English Sport Camp strives to create a safe, experience-rich environment that will lead to incredible adventures and endless memories. English Sport Camp program is designed so that kids from different age group categories can take place and try new and adventurous sports and get to know unique languages from all over the world; Spanish, Russian, German and of course English which is the main language during the whole time. 

The aim of introducing the variety of languages to the kids is to give them a wide perspective of the different language options they have and to introduce to them both good and the bad sides of each language for them to see which type fits them more.  

On the other side English Sport Camp decided to enlarge the options of sports providing for kids, since summer is the best time for children to try new adventures, sport they may know well or never have tried. Exactly because of this reason our staff has many skills for different kind of sport. Besides children are always divided based on their skills and age. In both ways they improve their skills or technique during the period of time spent in the camp. And most importantly make new friendships and enjoy their summer holidays.